iPhone Photo Resolution & Printing Tips


(Note: this page a work in progress!  Contact us or leave a comment with any feedback, suggestions or tips of your own.  We greatly appreciate it!)

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  With the release of IOS6 late last year,  Apple finally made uploading from your iPhone to a web page possible.  Gone are the days of having to import from Instagram (low resolution), a special app for the site, sending over email or downloading to your PC.  If you are stuck in the stone ages and don’t have IOS6 then the rules below will still apply.  They will also still apply of course if the printing website you want to use isn’t using an upload function that is iPhone compatible (ie. Flash uploading).  This is terrific news for the print industry and iPhone users alike!

IF you don’t have IOS 6 (what are you waiting for?!):

Ask the print company if you can send them an image over email or FTP.  If you’re having a mug made or a pillow obviously this won’t matter as much, but for prints larger than about 7×7 inches, do not use the Instagram import feature.  Companies such as CanvasPop will claim to have some super secret special technology to transform those crappy resolution Instagram images so that they can print at large sizes with poor resolution.  In our opinion, it’s garbage in garbage out.  You can use software to upres in stages and it can help.  For a canvas product, crystal clear resolution isn’t as critical, but for prints on high quality paper you want the highest resolution file possible.


1.  Change Instagram default setting so that your original photo is saved!  You should make sure that all your apps allow this setting and make sure it’s enabled!  You always want to have a copy of the naked high res version of the photo.

2. If the app has a resolution setting, make sure it’s set at the highest setting!

HOW TO GET HIGHEST RESOLUTION PHOTOS FROM YOUR IPHONE (outside of uploading to a compatible webpage an IOS6 iPhone or iPad device)

We recommend one of three ways: (1) email the highest resolution image to yourself from within Instagram (2)  use the iCloud service to wirelessly sync all photos on your iPhone to any PC or Mac (only works for new photos after iCloud activation) AND/OR (3) transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC or Mac with a cable.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this process.. we’re always happy to help!

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