What Is Wi-Fi Direct?


Wi-Fi Direct is an emerging communication to provide the benefits of wireless communication without the hassles of setting up wireless communication.  In other words, connecting to devices wirelessly without needing a wireless access point through a router either at home or work.  The WAC is embedded within the device itself making setup a breeze.  There is no go between with a separate wireless router access point, hence the name WiFi Direct.  The simple setup and faster data speeds have some suggesting it will replace BlueTooth in time.

So how does this relate to iPhone and printing you ask?  Well, frankly it doesn’t at least not yet, but something similar could be available in Apple devices soon.  Apple chooses to pursue a proprietary path and that’s unfortunate.  WiFi direct is available in many smartphones, but Apple apparently is pursuing its own AirPlay Direct system that would allow you to stream music to speakers without the need for a wireless internet connection.  As for printing that remains to be seen because from what we can tell AirPlay Direct remains just a rumor at this point.  It was rumored to be launched Sept 2012, but we don’t see it out there yet.  Apparently Google is rumored to pursuing an open source version as well.

So there you have it.  A very interesting technology that is still in the development and sorting out stage with companies pursuing their own versions.  It will take time to sort it out and we’ll do our best here to keep you abreast of changes.

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